Venison Fajitas

Tender cuts of venison marinated with a homemade seasoning, cooked with onions, bell peppers, and garlic, placed onto a tortilla and browned in a cast iron pan until the cheese is melted and ooey gooey. How does that sound?

Spicy Doe Casserole

Everyone loves tacos, right? Well, this is basically a taco casserole of sorts that is loaded with flavor. It has the taco taste, delicious ground venison with spicy beans, tortilla chips, tomatoes, green chilies, onions and two layers of gooey cheddar cheese.

Venison Tacos

Venison Tacos are a favorite around here. I think my boys would eat tacos every single day of their lives for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for a snack if I’d fix it for them. This is one meal I don’t feel guilty about them glutting on. It’s only 252 calories and has several essential vitamins.

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