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Amanda Payne

Howdy! I am Amanda…and I am a deer meat-aholic. 

My goal is to educate people by sharing simple deer meat recipes. I want to show the world that deer meat is delicious and there’s more than one way to fix it. 

Many people think deer meat is only fixed a few ways–the most common is in a roast or rolled in flour and fried. I’m not saying that’s not delicious, but I like having more options.

Believe it or not, a lot of people think deer meat is gross. I use to be one of those people. My husband and I started working our own meat up (aka…processing it) and it was completely different! That’s when I learned if deer processing is not done correctly, it’s not going to taste good.

My husband and I put a lot of care into our deer meat, and I fell in love with it. Then I started searching for as many deer recipes as I could find. I honestly couldn’t find very many, and the ones I could find seemed so complicated. They required 20+ ingredients, took hours to fix, and the final product was just okay.

I got discouraged, but then I decided to think outside the box. I took ordinary recipes and used deer meat and maybe added a few other ingredients. I also came up with my own deer recipes. I had trials and errors, but I fell in love with deer meat even more and I think you will, too. That’s why I share my recipes. Even if you don’t use mine, but mine inspires you to make your own recipe it tickles me pink 🙂

Matt Stefaniak

"Every recipe I have ever tried was amazing! I love Deer Recipes, thanks for Sharing them with the world.”

Daniel Klee

"This Facebook page and the Deer Recipes website are great places to get new venison recipes. Some that you probably have never heard of before. Very cool.”

Bobby Ybbob

"I look forward to trying some of these delicious looking recipes.”

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