Venison and Barley Soup
Venison and Sweet Potato Stew1

Venison and Sweet Potato Stew

A delicious healthy stew that will make you come back for more and that’s ok because it’s very low-calorie. Slow-cooked bite-size pieces of venison and big chunks of sweet potato–oh my goodness! Plus, the house fills with the most heavenly aromatic smell.

Venison and Potatoes

Venison and Potatoes

Tender chunks of venison tenderloin with golden potatoes, slices of onion, and loads of spices. It’s so delicious you won’t even realize it’s diet-friendly.

Venison Pepper Soup

Peppers, peppers and more peppers–oh, and ground venison, tomatoes, onions, garlic, oregano, basil and rice and then top all of that deliciousness with cheddar cheese and maybe a dollop of sour cream. 

Venison and Bean Burritos

Venison and Bean Burritos

These burritos are filled with seasoned ground venison, onions, refried beans with melted cheese, and topped with Mexican tomato sauce and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

Venison Stir Fry

Venison Stir-Fry

Venison marinated and tenderly fried and then mixed with stir-fried bell peppers, onions, portobello mushrooms and covered with cheese. Yum!

Venison Stromboli

Venison Stromboli

Venison sausage crumbled and fried with onions and wrapped in a layer of thin pizza crust and mozzarella cheese and then brushed with butter and sprinkled with oregano and basil.

Venison Onion Soup Sandwich
Spicy Venison and Rice with peppers, onions and garlic

Spicy Venison and Rice

Spicy Venison and Rice is another one of Deer Recipes leftover inspired dishes that was so well loved it became a staple. Venison marinated with a homemade marinade and cooked with onions, bell peppers, and garlic and poured over rice cooked in venison broth.  

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